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Tools to Help You Build Your Business

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Morgan Stanley Wealth Management’s technology platform features robust, flexible tools designed to help you efficiently manage the portfolios of affluent and high net worth clients.

Technology Tools & Resources

Through a variety of desktop resources, you can simplify workflow and exchange information easily among client data systems, online tools and applications, including:

  • Account inquiry
  • Account servicing
  • Business management
  • Client reporting
  • Order management
  • Research and market data
  • Utilities (Blackberry, Local Ad Builder, Travel Services, etc.)

    You can obtain a consolidated view of revenue generation, net new assets and expenses for your entire book, all of which you can segregate by account and product over predetermined or custom time frames. You also have easy access to capital markets resources, sophisticated analytics and multilayered reporting resources. Our client management systems provide a way to analyze your current business, design a growth strategy and create actionable campaigns.

    Center for Investment Excellence

    Morgan Stanley Wealth Management is committed to delivering superior insights to help Financial Advisors grow their business. The Center for Investment Excellence is an online portal where you can find the tools, resources and products to help address your clients’ needs and grow your practice. The site includes:

    • Research & Strategy Insights: Firm and third-party investment content
    • External Insights: The perspectives of highly respected industry professionals
    • Advisor Insights: A forum to collaborate and share information and ideas
    • Product Insights: The latest investment information paired with actionable ideas
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