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Specialist Guided Transition Services

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We Help Make Your Move Easier.

When a Financial Advisor joins Morgan Stanley from another firm, the firm can assign a specialized team to assist in the transition, from operational due diligence assessments to transition specialists and technology training. While Morgan Stanley of course expects all new hires to conduct themselves throughout their transition in a professional manner consistent with their clients’ best interests and with due regard for any obligations to their prior firms, we strongly believe the transition should be as seamless as possible.

The goal is to make sure a Financial Advisor can conduct business on day one at Morgan Stanley. From orderly account opening and transfers to ready-to-mail client transition kits, new hires are given full access to the firm’s systems and business building resources.

Extensive on-site training, consulting and support services are also provided to new Financial Advisors and Client Service Associates.

A Comprehensive Transition Management Services Model

Transition Enablement

  • New account opening
  • Account transfers
  • Client announcements
  • ACATS processing
  • Documentation and issue tracking

Transition Specialists

  • On-site transition specialists option for qualified Financial Advisors (based on availability): Provide integration assistance and as-needed training to both Financial Advisors and Client Service Associates.

Organizational Services

  • Proactive pre-arrival planning with Bend management, as requested
  • Set expectations and the delegation of responsibilities
  • Operational due diligence assessment
  • End-to-end standardized operational guidelines and tools
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